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Tired of Early Ejaculation?

Do you reach the “finish” together with “start”? This is the common fear for a lot of men. The pleasure of sex intercourse is usually cut in the beginning, because of cumming too early. About 29 percent of men are complainant of such kind of problems. It is believed that this is the most common sexual problem of sexual partners.

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There are several explanations of reasons of early ejaculation. Biologically, men experience climax after 2-3 minutes of penetration, while for women it takes about 12-14 minutes.

So, timeframes do not match each other. There are also psychological reasons of “cumming fast”; potential pregnancy, guilt, lack of experience, fear of sexually transmitted infections, anxiety, etc.

It is also believed that older men have less problems with this, that they can control better their ejaculation in contrast to younger ones. This is reached by experience.

Is there any way to control the ejaculation? One of ways is to exercise PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, it forms part of the pelvis and is the main “sexual muscle”.

This muscle is widely involved as a muscular function to ejaculation and orgasm processes. You can reach better results in quality of ejaculation, erection and climax intensity by doing regular exercises with this muscle.

How to find the location of PC muscle? Try to stop your urine flow on a midway and you will feel it. It is located somewhere between scrotum and anus, and contracts when you want to stop the urine flow.

What are the exercises for improving PC muscle? Clench and release your PC muscle in ten-second periods. Repeat three sets of this exercise. Give a break. After do the same with a five-second periods. Repeat ten sets of this exercise. Take a breather. Now do the clench-and-release technique with thirty-second periods. Perform three sets of such exercise.

This is universal exercise, easy to perform and simple. You do not need any conditions or devices to perform these exercises. You can do them just anytime you want and anywhere you want.

But if you want to get considerable results, you have to do exercises continuously. It is rumoured that famous porn stars, with firm erections and powerful cumshots are working hard with these exercises and taking enlargement pills.

As an experiment, during making love with your partner next time, try to enter her and stop inside for a moment. Freeze for few seconds. After tighten and after relax your PC muscle. Do not forget that different women like different types of sex.

Some women like strong and fast “punching” sex, some women prefer more sensual approach to this, gentle, soft and slow. Of course it is better to get this information before, so that both of you can enjoy the wonderful sex time.

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