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How to Shave Balls?

What are the advantages of shaving your balls? There are a lot of them. Most important one is it shows your penis bigger. Moreover, your genitals will be in full view, without any obstacles.

Your member is growing up to 2 inches without pubes. For a blowjob, clean member would be much more attractive for that. You can turn the shaving into an erotic process and share it with your girlfriend.

impress your woman with shaved balls and pubic areaWhat should you prepare for shaving? Firstly you will need good shaving gel and razors. Do not use electrical razor, or something like that.

Get new, well known branded razors. Shaving cream you use for your face will not suit for this, get shaving gel for sensitive skin, or better for women.

Collect all the stuff and take with you to the bathroom. If you have long hairs down there, better first trim them up, to make further job easier and safer.

After finishing trimming, wash the area with warm water. After, lather up properly all around.

Don’t know how to shave? It is better to start from the above of your package. To get the smoothest shave, shave from bottom to top (against the grain). For more safety, softly pull down your penis (simple penis enlargement exercise!), to shave easier that area. While shaving sides, pull it to the opposite side, to reach the corners easily.

And now the most sensitive part is left – scrotum. Gently stretch up the skin and softly work out with the razor there. To reach the areas under member, pull it up and pull the razor against your lower belly with equal strokes.

After finishing, check with finger if you have missed some parts there. You are done! Now you can think why haven’t you thought about this before?

To prevent unwelcome accidents, give attention to shaving procedure and do it softly. Do not try to do something else at the same time. And while you have started shaving, you can also shave other parts of your body, like your underarms.

After finishing the “job”, rinse off your public area with a good body wash. Lather nicely and afterwards wash to clean all stray hairs. For removing off dead skin, which causes itching, you can use body scrubs.

Use a clean towel or part of cloth to dry the just shaved area by patting. To provide proper ventilation, wear boxers. Apply some anti itch cream, lotion or baby powder to alleviate the itching.

You don’t need to do it everyday, once or twice a week is enough. You are made up! You can test it on your sweetie, if she will notice newly gained inches. Penis enlargement works!










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