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Penis Enlargement Devices Review

Lots of men around the world don't mind having a bigger penis but they simply don't know where to start. Yes, there are many penis enlargement methods available, but only few of them really work.

Presenting penis enlargement device or penis extender - the device of choice for safe and effective penis enlargement.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

The most important step in natural penis enlargement is to increase the rate of blood flow through the penis. When the precise tension of penis extender is applied on the penis regurarly, the penile cells are newly created and multiplied. These new born cells give the permanent penis enlargement.

The reviewed devices are clinically proven to give a man permanent gains up to 3 inches in length and up to 25% in girth.

For example, in a clinical study presented at an International symposium about Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in Barcelona Spain, the SizeGenetics device was reported to increase the length of the penis in participants by 13% over an 8 week period and by a total of 29% during a 24 week period.

Top Penis Enlargement Devices Compared

   SizeGenetics System  Jes-Extender Enlarger
 Medical Background  Yes


 Clinically Proven



 Increase in length

 Up to 3 inches

 Up to 2 inches

 Increase in girth

 Up to 2 inches

 Up to 2 inches

 Time before visible gains

 1 week

 1 week

 Manual included






 Erection improvement

 Very strong


 Upgrade accessories



 Money back guarantee

 6 months

 Double refund guarantee





 $ 359.85

 $ 249.47-486.40

 Overall rating

As you see, the best thing about JesExtender is the price. This clinically proven penis extender is great value for your money. They offer amazing double money back guarantee - if you're not happy with your results you'll get a full refund for twice the cost.

Also, Jes-Extender has a few options to choose from:

all jesextender options image


Both of these extenders will give you the following:

1. Fast and permanent penis growth;

2. Rock hard erections and boosted sexual performance;

3. Better ejaculation control;

4. Bent penis correction (Peyronies disease treatment).

 Benefits of SizeGenetics

JesExtender Advantages
  Bigger gains   Double refund guarantee
  Stronger erections   More accessories to upgrade
  Extra bonuses   Cheaper price
 top rated penis extender from sizegenetics  jes extender second best enlarger
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If you're looking for permanent penis enlargement then both devices work. If you can't afford SizeGenetics premium price for the additional results then opt for the Jes-Extender system.