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Penis Enlargement Surgery: What Is It?

The procedure of penis enlargement surgery also named phalloplasty. This operation can be done in numerous conditions. Inborn defect named micropenis, those are males that were born with very small penis not allowing them to procreate. Another genetic malformation of the penis such as hypospadias, epispadias or fibrosis of the penis.

have small penis go for penis surgeryThe basic reason for guys looking for this surgery is an esthetic demand and an individual belief that their penis is too small.

Generally, penis enlargement methods can be divided into two categories: temporary and permanent techniques.

The temporary methods include male enhancement pills (if used without penis enlargement exercises) and penis pumps.

Latest clinical studies showed that penis enlargement devices (penis extenders) like Jes Extender or SizeGenetics system deliver permanent gains in the penis length and width.

To increase the length the operating surgeon applies the following process.

One third of the penis is located inside the body, it is attached to the pubic bone by two ligaments, the suspensory and the fundiform ligament.

Cutting those ligaments brings to the penis length additional 2-3 cm in a flaccid state. The size in the erected penis varies considerably. Later on, to prevent scaring and contraction counterweight is applied to the penis until healing is complete.

To enlarge the width, the surgeon applies fat grafts and does a lipo sculpture. The fat is brought from some other body part, it is being processed by centrifuge or using special solutions and then put into the penis.

Later the surgeon "sculptures" the penis to achieve the new appearance. This manner there is almost no tissue rejection and only a smallest scar is seen.

Additional way to enlarge the penis width is dermal or foreign body implants. Subcutaneous tissue is adopted from another body part and implanted into the penis.

Sometimes collagen grafts are also used. This technique requires two step surgery and sometimes resulting in graft rejection and permanent penis damage.

The length procedure lasts about an hour and general sedation usually applied. The width operation takes one an half hours and can be done using IV sedation. You will be able to come back to work after a few days, but you must keep a bandage for a week. After the process it is essential to stretch the penis allowing better healing.

You can continue your sexual activity after 10-14 days following fat transfer and 3-4 weeks following length surgery. The pain is minimal and can be successfully covered with painkillers. Penis enlargement surgery does not affect the ability to get children.

It is worth to mention that penis enlargement surgery is quite expensive and is not covered by insurance companies. This is why most guys use natural methods of penis enlargement.

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