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Penis Extenders – Read Before You Buy

This is not just another article on penis extenders that will urge you to buy the device immediately. This is a review that will enlighten you with what a penis extender can do to your penis.

Actually when we talk about this kind of penis enlargers, most of the men would think of the SizeGenetics or  Jes-Extender. These two companies are the main competitors when it comes to traction based devices.

What is really a penile extender and how it works?

First of all, penis extender or strether is a non surgical penis enlargement product. It is a lightweight medical device, which is worn on your penis while in flaccid state. This enlarger contains adjustment screws, which allow you to gradually increase its length thus increasing the stretching effect it has on your penis.

The extenders use traction to naturally make the penis larger not just in length but also in girth. So now your question will be what traction is? Traction is a clinically proven method that assures you to have an additional size in your penis.

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How does traction do that? It would increase the size of the penis through assisting the human body’s natural ability to change and develop under physical influence.

When a certain part of the body is exposed to a constant stretch, the cells on that area will begin to divide and multiply and so it will result to an additional tissue mass. Just like how the tribes in Africa and Thailand would elongate their lips and necks.

How do I use this device?

The use of penis extender could be anytime of the day for various time intervals during work or time. You can use it depending on your personal schedule for 4-6 hours per day.

What determines the result of the treatment is the total number of hours that you wear it and combined it with the traction that you apply whenever you are wearing it.

You don't need to have special clothing for this, your normal clothes will do. So it is hassle-free and you can enjoy the bigger penis as soon as you can.

Is there any difference between popular penis extenders?

There is this unique feature about the Jes Extender which you could not find with any other penis enlargement device and this is the “lock and load” system. The moment that you have loaded your penis in the device and it fits, then it will now lock the penis in a state of optimum tension. This feature is of big help in having that size increase faster and even bigger.

Another important feature of Jes Extender is the Perfect Tension-Control system that lets you increase the tension accurately as your penis starts growing in size. This is the adjustable mechanism of the device so you could have the full control of customizing your tension to fit your increased size.

When you think of buying a penis extender, the top priority aside from effectiveness is the comfort. Comfort is one of the major factors in penis enlargement process and the best penis enlargement devices offer you this.

Both SizeGenetics and Jes-Extender have ergonomic design that is so comfortable to wear. You could not even notice you were wearing those and plus the fact that you can use it while you are asleep.

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