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Penis Girth Makes Her Moan

The majority of guys pay too much attention to the length of their penis than they do the girth. They’ll use pills, pumps, penis enlargement devices, surgery and sometimes even weights to better themselves. The fact men throughout the world are attempting to better themselves is a good thing though.

Lots of guys around the world these days concentrate too much on the length of their penis. They spend hours and fortunes on various penis enlargement methods, exercises, traction devices, enhancement pills, pumps, surgery and weights to lengthen and enhance their member. This is actually a good thing, there’s nothing wrong with proactively attempting to improve one self.

penis girth after enlargement pictureMost men think the length has higher importance than the width. What they don’t realise though is the fact it takes a combination of both to satisfy and please a woman. A desired penis is long and thick.

You probably though the length was important, this isn’t the case. All women prefer to be stretched by a thick hard full penis. A long skinny cock will simply bang off her cervix without giving the same pleasure.

It’s important to remember the pleasure zone in women is a small two inch area of tissue located just inside the vagina.

It’s this nerve ending rich area of skin that gives the pleasure as your penis plunges deep inside her.

Thin penises only manage to stretch the entrance a little and fail to give the same sensation as thick ones. It’s all about the number of nerve endings your cock rubs against as you have intercourse.

The clitoris is the nerve centre of female pleasure. The male penis works for both pleasure and urination. This isn’t the case with the vagina. A woman’s clitoris serves no purpose other than to give her pleasure. Thin penises cannot brush against this in the same manner as thick ones which will probably result in an unhappy woman.

To make her moan and scream in delight you’re going to need a lot of penis girth. Simply adjusting the angle of penetration will make a massive difference to the amount of enjoyment she will gain from having sex with you.

The length of your penis is important, but it’s only one element of a effective sexual performance. Girth is important, possibly more important. A long penis can do the business, but a thick one will force the best orgasm she’s ever had from her body.










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