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Penis Size and Sexual Pleasure

Nobody can answer you for sure if penis size really matters. The scientists and authors from women’s magazines are still debating about it. Even women who must know admit that they are still in doubt. Men are crazy with the idea of a bigger penis size.

That’s why the penis enlargement industry now endures a boom. They offer you different kind of pills, tablets, patches, creams, weights, traction devices or surgery. The men’s obsession with penis size is also provoked by media, advertisement and porn industry which show us only “well endowed” specimens from the stronger sex.

Larger penises are equated to masculinity and self confidence. The belief that bigger means better is subconsciously living inside our mind. A small penis is associated to virility, infertility and even impotence.

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The last researches tell that the average penis size has nothing to do with the 12’’. Maybe for porn stars it can be criteria but for the average man the size is actually between 5.5 to 6.4 inches in length while erected and 4.7 to 5.2 inches in girth. The enormous length of porno stars’ penises can be also the result of some penis enlargement procedure and anybody can do it.

Nevertheless, most women accept that their sexual pleasure is connected with the width of a penis but not with the length. It seems that it’s all about the G-sport, which is located somewhere in two inches inside the upper wall of the vagina. The wider is a penis, the more pressure feels the G-sport.

When a penis penetrates a vagina, it gets stretched and the nerves around anus, vagina and that mysterious G-sport are getting stimulated. That gives to a woman a feel of friction and pleasure with the orgasm at the end. The meatier is a penis, the more it stretches a vagina and so the more it stimulates the nerves.

But still there are some women who love a big penis size more. Maybe because of the points mentioned above. Anyway, the truth is that a penis is not a major factor to a woman’s heart.

Most of all women crave intimacy and emotional connection which can be created only by your love and attention. Show her that you do care with flowers, romantic gestures, rose petals, candles, make her sensual massage. All these will be soon rewarded to you and not only in bedroom environment.

Make fun while making sex! Experiment with sexual toys and new positions, read about new techniques and show them while stimulating her erogenous zones. For instance, MaleExtra offers plenty of sex related DVDs for free.

The combination of passion, skill and romantic details is a key to her heart. If your penis is meatier, the lock will open easier.

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