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Peyronie’s Disease or Curved Penis?

Do you have a curved penis or Peyronie's disease? It's well known that the penis is widely regarded as the most important organ of a man. Statistics show men are massively affected by the manner of their penis, its looks and also the way it functions.

The sexuality of a man is usually defined by his penis. It not only serves as a tool for satisfying sexual partners and pleasures it’s also the most significant procreation organ in the male anatomy. The size and shape of a man’s penis is very important to him.

Men have been known to do anything they can to ensure the shape of their penis is how they want it. Above all else, the shape of a man’s penis is directly relative to the success he’ll have during sex.

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Usually, a man’s penis isn’t straight. Most penises show a slight bend, this is perfectly normal and acceptable. There’s nothing wrong with a bent penis. Very rarely will you find a man with a perfectly straight penis.

The curve of a man’s penis is caused by many different factors. Firstly it’s genetics, the most common cause of all. The genes determine a man’s physical appearance, and his penis too will resemble the penis of his ancestors. The color and size of the penis is also hereditary.

A disease known as Peyronies can also cause a man’s penis to curve upwards. This is a very serious condition and will need proper medical treatment and advice to correct otherwise it will indeed get worse.

There are many differing opinions regarding the differences of sexual effect between a straight and curved penis. A straight penis is more pleasing to the eye, women are known to prefer having sex with guys with straight penises. Watch this video:


A major turn off in women is a penis with an unusual shape. Women are less enthusiastic to engage in sexual activities when confronted with an oddly shaped penis. It is indeed hard to imagine how an odd shaped penis will penetrate and give pleasure to a woman with a small vaginal opening.

This in itself is a reason curved penises are at a big disadvantage. The thing is, sex is painful when the penis doesn’t fit the hole correctly. This makes it less enjoyable, and leads to a shortened sex session and tears from all. Pain and sex do not usually go together.

The one advantage that a curved penis holds over a straight is the added sensation it brings to both sexual activists once it has penetrated the vagina and moves within. There’s a different sensation as the crooked head grinds against the upper vaginal cavity, bring incredibly shaky knees to the ecstatic woman.

Though curable, a curved cock can give a man a lot of trouble. Many people say exercises can be performed to straighten out the curve as we all know a straight penis is better than a curved penis. It helps to attract women, and keeps them engorged for far longer. Women love straight penises.

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