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Premature Ejaculation Solutions

Known to healthcare experts as ejaculatio praecox, premature ejaculation is by far the most common dysfunction in sexually active males. A recent survey has shown that as many as 30% of males suffer from it in the majority of their sexual encounters.

Premature ejaculation is defined by sex therapists as a distinct lack of control of ejaculation, which has a profound effect on ones emotional standing. This definition highlights the fact premature ejaculation has such a big impact on a man’s well being.

have more sex to get rid of premature ejaculation imageMost men endure the embarrassment of premature ejaculation once in their lives.

Ejaculatory control is not a god given skill, it’s something we pick up and learn through practice, experience and repetition.

If you consistently suffer from premature ejaculation you have grounds to be concerned, it’s something that affects our mood immensely.

The understanding that a new sexual experience could bring with it the embarrassment and shame of another early blow is something to fear.

It reinforces our low self esteem and confidence and manifests itself in a dark and unhappy mood.

Studies conducted in recent months have proven that premature ejaculation is an inherited dysfunction. It’s something passed down from father to son throughout the generations.

Doctors and scientists have recognised it as a slightly faster than usual neurological response from the pelvic muscles. They recommend a wide range of exercises custom designed to improve and strengthen our weak ejaculatory control.

Psychologically speaking, it can be caused by all manner of depressive mind sets. This can be from stress, lack of self confidence, low self esteem and even unrealistic expectation.

It’s safe to say one of the predominant causes of premature ejaculation is the lack of experience. This is closely followed by a weaker PC muscle and fast neurological response.

Inexperience is a simple fix – have more sex! Something we recommend to everyone. Safe sex that is, don’t jeopardise your health for the sake of a lay.

The PC muscle is an abbreviation for pubococcygeus muscle. It’s the floor of the entire pelvic area, positioned to support our entire set of internal organs. It also has control of our orgasms, so prolonged exercise of this muscle will help us master control of our ejaculation.

Once you’ve trained this muscle and gained full control you’ll have a far greater control of your ejaculation. Premature ejaculation will no longer be an embarrassing and depressing problem.

Penile exercise, such as Kegels and the ones in the Penis Health database focus on three stages these are beginner, intermediate and advanced. They’re designed to rid ourselves of this embarrassing and common condition fully.

The key here is to have the confidence, motivation and heart to follow the full system and finally realise our goals and make premature ejaculation a fond memory as oppose to a present problem.

For further reading and information on the process of strengthening your PC muscle please visit Exercise for Premature Ejaculators. It's the best and safest way to rid yourself of the 2 minute embarrassing sex sessions once and for all!










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